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We created a product that can help you get passive income through the internet.
Get maximum profit with the application. Everything you need regarding cryptocurrency trading is here!

Why Choose Us

Best Robot CM AI Trading Application

We created a product that can help you get passive income through the internet.
Get maximum profit with the Cryptomaniac application. Everything you need regarding cryptocurrency trading tools is here!

Fast Signal Trade and Loading

The sooner the better. Information about cryptocurrency, crypto-signal, and performance can be obtained very quickly.


Your personal data and digital asset transactions are 100% safe with Cryptomaniac.

Up to date

Always new, always at the forefront. The Cryptomaniac application and all its features we update & optimize every day.

Our Product

Cryptomaniac Signal Pro

Cryptomaniac Signal Pro is designed for your convenience to manually do cryptocurrency trading.

❏ Signals are accurate in 6 of Indonesia’s largest markets
    Up-to-date every day!
❏ Voice notification feature that makes it easy for you to monitor the
    progress of your digital assets without the need to be frequently online.
❏ Latest news about the world of cryptocurrency.
❏ The most current information regarding the ICO (Initial Coin Offering),
❏ Short Term Signal
❏ Trading Portfolio
❏ Crypto calendar, and cryptocurrency community in Indonesia.

    and many more

Cryptomaniac Academy

Cryptomaniac Academy is a pioneer of digital courses around cryptocurrency trading through mobile applications. All the secrets of successful cryptocurrency trading we teach you: arbitration, technical analysis, and much more!
Cryptomaniac Academy is filled with dedicated instructors who have experienced in the world of cryptocurrency trading and teaching in various seminars & workshops both at home and abroad.

We present complete and integrated trading knowledge. Which is where you can access from your mobile, anywhere and anytime. The subject matter is presented easily and clearly. So that it can be done by anyone, even for newbie.

Cryptomaniac Robot AI

CM ROBOT AI is a AUTOMATIC CRYPTO ROBOT TRADING that has its own intelligence (ART INTELEGENT) which can provide profit in trading automatically, 24 hours / 7 days from your mobile

Enjoy the trading experience and profit sensation, directly from your mobile. No need for skill trading, no need to be on a laptop, no need to keep on even on your cellphone, because CM ROBOT is trading directly, you just need to check how much profit you get every time from your cellphone.

100% CM AI ROBOT is safe, because the robot does not hold your trading funds, you can take trading funds anytime and anywhere, our Apps only trade according to the algorithm calculated by our technical analysis and embedded into the robot.

Why is Cryptomaniac Robot AI?
❏ Easy configuration. Who said the automatic robot configuration
    need complicated technical capabilities? Cryptomaniac configuration
    AI Robot is very easy. Beginners can too!
❏ Created Experienced Traders. Cryptomaniac Robot AI was conceived &
    created by experienced traders with one purpose: making the process
    of trading digital assets easier.
❏ Save money. Compared to competitors, the investment costs that you
    need to spend to subscribe to Cryptomaniac Robot AI are very
    affordable Price. Big profits await you!

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